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The most succinct way to start is by saying that our neighbor started her renovation project weeks before ours. We’re now enjoying our beautiful new kitchen while she is still without one. Chris and his crew were quick, efficient and did a wonderful job. Our house is close to a century old and this is at least the 5th renovation in that space. Chris prepared us for the “wonders” of working on an old building and responded quickly to the interesting things they found once the walls were opened up. Selecting a contractor was the biggest unknown going into the project and we certainly chose well with CAD. — Charlie Neiss

After many years of planning our kitchen remodel we were introduced to CAD Construction through mutual friends. They had all used CAD for their own projects and couldn’t say enough good things so we gave them a shot. The entire process was great. We met with Chris to discuss all the details and he was upfront with what we could expect. Chris was always available and we never waited long for a response to questions. He is also very upfront and honest. He does not always tell you what you want to hear because sometimes what you want may just not be possible. There is no point humoring the client when in the end they will only be disappointed, set the expectations up front and everything is smoother for it.
The timeline was important as we wanted the job completed over the summer when the kids would be away much of the time. As always happens we made modifications and additions as things progressed. Chris and his partner Frank were great at being able to incorporate those changes with minimal impact to the design or the timeline. The initial price Chris gave us was not the lowest, but he was 100% upfront with all the charges. Unlike other contractors we have used in the past there was never any surprise requests for more money to cover something. In fact in some cases he overestimated and that money was credited back and applied to the additions we made.
In the end what you end up paying is comparable with what you would with someone else, so it really comes down to the quality of the finished product, how you get there, and personalities. CAD Construction hit all the right marks for us. We could not be happier with the renovation and our new kitchen, it feels like an entirely new house. The entire process was fantastic, and we got along with Chris and all the workers.
— The Wehrle’s, New Providence

Dear Chris, On behalf of the Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity affiliation, I want to send a HUGE thank you for your time and donation in helping out at our 25th annual Gala event at the Stone House in Watchung. The evening was a huge success. I hope you were able to hear the gratitude from our families for the homes we built and provided. It really is the ultimate goal for us to continue our motivation and to continue. Thank you again, we could not have done it with out you. — Meg Helmes, President Raritan Valley Habitat for Humanity

We would like to thank you for your time and input concerning our master bedroom. Thanks for everything including the driveway repair. In the future if and when we decide to build out from the back we will definitely be contacting you . It was a pleasure spending time with you and your creative ways. Please accept this gift certificate for dinner on us as a show of our appreciation. — Jackie & John, Warren

After my recent conversation with Chris Daunno from CAD Construction, I feel compelled to post this item, to let others know that there is world of difference when comparing builders for a major repair, renovation, or remodel. This difference is profound if you find yourself short of time and expertise for a renovation, especially if your only hope is to have the work performed well, at a reasonable price.

The challenge is often what happens along the way, the journey rather than the destination will determine your experience as being either very positive or a nightmare! I can tell you after three major projects at our home over a time of almost 20 years, with three different builders, that there will be problems in every remodel or renovation (either during or after the builder has left). How the builder responds to these issues will make or break your experience.

This is where Chris Daunno from CAD Construction is exceptional – he starts off as a person you feel you can work with and then proves that by patiently working with you with the decisions that need to be made along the way. He grows to be part builder, friend, and sometimes even marriage counselor – whatever it takes to make your build as worry- free as possible. Having been in the world of contracting many years ago, I understand that these qualities are few and far between when working with people of all trades.

So the reason for my post, is that it is now eight years after our major home renovation and Chris is still the only builder that I have on speed dial! He has maintained a friendship with my wife and I, and we absolutely rely on him when we looking for an electrician, plumber, carpenter, etc. for any household issue that comes along. This relationship has been as valuable as the quality work that Chris performed during our renovation.
— Brian K. Watchung NJ

Chris/CAD Construction has literally taken my project from the “dream” stage to total completion! I found CAD through a referral from a local friend and after meeting with other contractors, my choice wasn’t a hard one to make, and I have said many times over, “I am so lucky to have a contractor like Chris on my job!!” From helping me deal with the township and permits to making last minute changes when “I had an idea” and even hanging the crystals on my chandilers, Chris was patient and got the job done! My project was not a typical simple scenario and he and his subs embraced the challenge and turned my property into an amazing home! I’m thrilled to say that it’s a relationship that I can continue to count on and reccommend to anyone looking for a contractor that truly cares. Chris doesn’t want to simply get a job done, he wants his clients to be completely happy and to be friends and the end of the job….I’m beyond happy with my home and the fact that I can call Chris Daunno my Friend! — Sien Lewis, Warren

After a positive experience with Frank when we remodeled our kitchen, we wouldn’t choose anyone else for another remodeling job. Frank is a pleasure to work with and pays attention to the details. He has a great eye for what works in the space, is trustworthy, and keeps the job site neat and clean. The work is beautiful! — Dale & Steve Tebeleff, Springfield

My wife and I hired CAD Construction for a large renovation project in the winter of 2014/2015. From day one until the present, Chris Daunno, owner of the company, has proved himself to be the only contractor we would every hire. Construction in general is a painful and stressful process. CAD Construction made our home renovation process a more pleasurable experience. — Christopher O, Bernardsville

If your looking for a home improvement contractor for work inside or outside, I highly recommend CAD Construction from Warren New Jersey. Professional, on time, affordable and great service. You won’t be disappointed. I am very pleased with a job well done. — Stacy Hagel, Warren

When we asked Cindy Schnabel from Springfield how it was going in the middle of her addition project she stated “I love it, I have no stress and I’m completely comfortable having you guys around” We can’t ask for a better testimonial than that. Thanks Cindy for letting us post this. — Cindy & Marty, Springfield

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