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We own a two family rental property in Chatham that was damaged by a fallen tree during Hurricane Sandy. The property was built in 1898 with ornate trim work on the front porch which sustained much of the damage along with the flat roof above the porch. I called Chris, who provided me a repair quote right away, which in turn was approved by the insurance company. A short time later, I called Chris to see when he may be at the property to do the repairs. To my astonishment, he told me that the repairs had already been completed! I drove to the property and to my amazement, the entire repair was indeed done to the point that it looked like nothing ever happened to the house! The trim was replaced and painted, the flat roof repaired along with all the porch structure and the gutters. Best of all, I did not have to lift a finger. How refreshing to have a contractor say what he is going to do and then show up and exceed my expectations. I would highly recommend CAD Construction. — Pane Family, Chatham

Dear Chris, I just had to write you for the phenomenal job you did on our kitchen addition. Your background as a developer, builder and contractor, makes you uniquely qualified to sketch out ideas and give good solid estimates of what dreams might cost. There are many things i’d like to praise about CAD Construction. Perhaps the most important to anyone seeking a contractor is that you kept to the time frame and cost you had estimated and contracted for. You even finished a week ahead of schedule even though we added more work to the project. We appreciate you work, and we lucked out in having you as our contractor. We will highly recommend you for any job large or small. Feel free to have anyone contact us at any time to see or talk about our super-positive experience with this addition. You were a joy to work with and we still can’t believe we have such a gorgeous home. — The Dory family, New Providence

If our friends hadn’t introduced us to Chris, we may have never decided to move forward with our total home renovation.For two years we researched, planned and discussed the endless options.From the start, and without any promise of being hired, Chris spent countless hours with us allaying our fears.We were impressed with his honesty, knowledge and his treatment of us like family.When we decided to move forward, Chris was there every step of the way.He was on site every day and made sure all work was completed properly,on time,and on budget.Just as important, he ALWAYS returned our calls, emails or texts immediately.The same holds true now that our project is done.CAD gave us realistic cost expectations and always tried to save us money without cutting corners.When we expanded our project, CAD enthusiastically researched all options and worked with us to come up with an efficient and fairly priced solution.If we decide to take on another project, our only call will be to Chris. — Steve & Rachel, Basking Ridge

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