Each week I’m handed drawings from new customers asking to price their additions and renovations.   It’s the same story time after time, “We planned on spending “x” and we are getting prices of “2x” and up”, can you build this for “x”?  The problem with this is you have over designed outside of your budget.

We here at CAD Construction have found starting with a budget and working backwards to show what you can get for “x” works better to benefit our customers. Addition & renovation take time and energy for both the customer and the builder and we have had success with the following process.  We invite you to join us and allow CAD Construction to transform your home into the next realm for your future.

Design-Build Addition Process.

Approximate time frame +/-4 weeks

  • Contact CAD Construction for a free site consultation of your home.

During site visit, CAD Construction will examine your existing conditions and review your intentions towards your addition / remodel.  You should be prepared to talk about your budget in the first consultation. There is no cost to you for this initial service.  

  • CAD Construction will follow up with a suggestion of price structure and a copy of our Design-Build Commitment letter for your review.
  • The Design-Build Commitment letter – CAD Construction uses a Design-Build Commitment letter to convert potential customers into active customers.   With a signed commitment in place the following process is followed.  
    • Field measurements of your existing conditions are documented and entered into a CAD type computer program.
    • A zoning review is performed for your property to confirmed if any variances are needed for your improvement. 
    • You must provide a copy of your survey at the time of field measure.
    • Preliminary floor plans and elevations are drawn for your project.
    • As the designs are prepared, CAD Construction will verify the cost associated with options for your review.  Typically, 1 or 2 designs will be provided and we expect you to comment for a revision or two.
    • With an approved design in place you will be presented a master home selection booklet.  This booklet will include all customizations you will need to choose to allow the full picture of your projects budget to be revealed.
    • Your design-build process includes the use of the CAD Construction Preferred Vendors.  Vendors include
      • Kitchen design & cabinet selection.
      • Counter tops selections.
      • Appliance selections.
      • Plumbing fixtures selections.
      • Electrical Fixtures selections.
      • Flooring selections.
      • Tile design and selections.
    • As you complete the design build process, and if you are comfortable with your findings and desire to move forward, you will be presented a draft construction agreement for your review.  At this point in time you will already know the full cost of construction and the cost of fixtures giving you a very close look at your total costs.  We feel spending +/-2 – 5% on the design-build process is very worth wild to our customers for the results are taking the guess work out of their project.  

Design-Build Commitment Fee – CAD Construction requires a retainer to proceed with the Design-Build Service. The retainer is based on the scope and size of the project. The retainer ranges in cost between Five and Ten Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00 – $10,000.00).  The retainer is nonrefundable and is applied towards the first payment in the construction contract as you move forward. In the event you do not proceed, the funds are used to compensate CAD Construction and our architects for our services.

We thank you for your interest in our Design-Build Services. Please feel free to call us and start your project today.  We would be happy to meet with you to review examples of our design-build projects and show you our process.