CAD Construction is a turnkey general contractor, offering DSC00125a variety of services to make the home transformation experience a positive one for clients.

Design and Planning Services

We begin each project by assessing the client’s individual needs and requirements. Based on this information, we can use existing plans, or partner with an architect to develop the plans for a new home or addition transformation. Before we start any work, it is essential for clients to review the plans, understand the scope of work involved and provide final approval. Once all changes are made and approved, CAD Construction begins working on the project with a clean scope of work for both builder and homeowner.

Project Management

CAD Construction coordinates all aspects of the construction project including:

  • Customer selections
  • Supervising overall construction
  • Managing all trade workers
  • Negotiating discounts with vendors and suppliers
  • Scheduling materials and product selections
  • Overseeing material and product deliveries
  • Conducting inspections
  • Managing financial budgets

Professional Advice and Resources

In addition to managing each project, CAD Construction assists clients throughout the process by providing guidance and resources to ensure customer satisfaction, including:

  • Offering professional advice and guidance when making key decisions.
  • Finding creative solutions to meet specific budget or other requirements
  • Providing access to vendor discounts and preferred suppliers
  • Finding new products and solutions to meet customer needs and financial / budget


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