Why Choose CAD Construction?

As a homeowner, you won’t believe us when we tell you that all the prices will be very similar at the end of your shopping process. Ask your friends who already did their addition project. Sure, they may vary a bit, but if you provide a clean scope of work for pricing, you will see the numbers all line up in a row. So, if the prices should be similar, your choice of selection is based on who do you like and who can you trust. What will it be like with this particular individual when something goes wrong? Is the person selling you the service remaining active once you sign the agreement? Assuming you are comparing quality companies, your goal is to find the right contact person for a fit for your new relationship. Consider it a mini marriage for 6 – 8 months.

What makes CAD the possible contractor of choice?


  1. We have a locally based office here in our service territory.
  2. Our service territory is local with occasional exceptions.
  3. We have friendly & approachable staff.
  4. We are responsive.
    • We always answer the phone.
    • We always return text messages.
    • We always reply to emails.
    • We always show up on time.
    • We always do what we say we are going to do.
  5. We have a proven track record of local projects.
  6. We have reachable references list.
  7. We have a growing list of testimonials.
  8. We have a system in place for new customers.
  9. We provide professional correspondence.
    • Typed proposals
    • Excel spreadsheet schedules
    • Typed change orders
    • Typed detailed contracts
  10. Our customer continue to refer us.
  11. Our customers continue friendships with us.

Servicing clients better


  1. We are fully insured.
  2. We protect our customers.
  3. Our sub-contractors are fully insured – and audited annually.
  4. We supervise our projects.
  5. We schedule our projects.
  6. We are on site daily.
  7. We have a preferred vendors & trade resources for our homeowner use.
  8. We share our builder’s discounts we our customers
  9. We provide an organized atmosphere. You will never wonder what should happen next.
  10. We do our billing respectfully – Per the agreement.
  11. We will not surprise you with billing at the end of the project.
  12. We will still be friends when the job is over.

What can CAD do to teach prospects to make good decisions?

  1. Encourage them to speak to references prior to hiring.
  2. Take a tour of jobs for quality review.
  3. Review administrative practices and samples.
  4. Choose a company who you trust to partner with.
  5. Find out what went wrong on a job and what the company did to correct the problem.